Building A Coca Cola Collection

03/15/2013 - 6:34pm

The roots of your Coca Cola collectibles collection rests with Dr. John Pemberton, the pharmacist who developed the syrup for Coca Cola in 1886. This means that you have over 120 years of antique and collectible Coca Cola merchandise to explore to build your collection.

Adding to Your Coca Cola Bottle Collection
If you are interested in collecting Coca Cola bottles, you have a number of choices. For example, you can collect bottles from the 205 countries that bottle Coca Cola around the world.

Or, you might prefer to collect bottles from a certain time period. For instance, Coca Cola started being bottled in 1894 in the Hutchinston style. Coke was only bottled in this bottle style until 1910.

You might like to collect bottles in the different types of labels, such as foil, white applied color label, red applied color label or paper. As time goes on, you may end up with Coke bottles that cross different genres as your collection grows and your interests change.

Coca Cola Polar Bears
The Coca Cola polar bears debuted in 1993. Today, you can build a Coke polar bear collection with salt and pepper shakers, bean bags, playing cards and stuffed animals. You can find these collectibles on online auctions, at garage sales and at flea markets. You can also add new items into your polar bear collection as Coca Cola introduces them.

Coca Cola Calendars
Collecting Coca Cola calendars can be a real challenge, particularly the older ones. The earliest calendar, offered in 1891, showcases tennis, picturing a young lady holding an early wooden tennis racket.

Condition is extremely important when collecting calendars. The better the condition the calendar is, the more the calendar will be worth when compared to other calendars in a given year. Since paper can be fragile, finding pristine calendars even twenty or twenty-five years old can be quite exciting. Coca Cola continues to offer a new calendar every year, so you can start your collection from scratch this year!

Go "Crazy" with Your Coca Cola Collectibles Collection
Who says that you have to focus on one type of Coca Cola collectible? Since people collect everything from old Coke cans to dispensers to posters, you have a lot of leeway. You can plaster your home with Coca Cola items that you like. If you run across a deal, buy it. Later, if you decide to specialize, you may be able to sell or trade some of your collection to fund your real Coca Cola "true love."