Coca-Cola 3-Bottle Evolution Set
This collection of distinctive replica Coca-Cola bottles depicts the evolution of an icon. From the cork-capped Hutchinson bottle used in 1899 to the well-known contour bottle first introduced in 1916, these bottles show how the designs evolved. Historical details and introduction dates make this a true collector's item


The roots of your Coca Cola collectibles collection rests with Dr. John Pemberton, the pharmacist who developed the syrup for Coca Cola in 1886. This means that you have over 120 years of antique and collectible Coca Cola merchandise to explore to build your collection.

Adding to Your Coca Cola Bottle Collection
If you are interested in collecting Coca Cola bottles, you have a number of choices. For example, you can collect bottles from the 205 countries that bottle Coca Cola around the world.

Or, you might prefer to collect bottles from a certain time period. For instance, Coca Cola started being bottled in 1894 in the Hutchinston style. Coke was only bottled in this bottle style until 1910.


Collecting all things Coca Cola has become the passion for many Americans, in particular. As one of our great national pop-culture icons, Coca Cola represents fun times, simpler times, and relaxing in the summer time. It's also one of the biggest categories of its kind for collecting. Collectors tend to really know their stuff, so if you're thinking of getting into the market, it's best to bone up on the basics of the Real Thing.

First, it's important and fascinating to learn about the wild history of the world's most famous soft drink. Coca Cola was invented in 1886 by an Atlanta pharmacist as a 'nerve tonic,' and was originally made with wine. Over 100 years later, the Coca Cola formula is still one of this country's best-kept secrets.


Since its invention as a medicine in Reconstruction Atlanta, Coca Cola has risen to become one of the premier American icons. Running a close third to Mom and apple pie, Coca Cola has, to some degree, a special place in the hearts of most Americans. Because of this long and familiar heritage, Coca Cola memorabilia has become an extremely popular and well-defined category of collecting.

If you're a fan of Coca Cola and find yourself leaning toward starting a collection of the Real Thing, it's best to know about few tips up front. First, make sure you read about the fascinating history of Coca Cola, which will make your enjoyment of finding Coke treasures that much more meaningful.


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