coke bottles

Reproduction of Coca-Cola Hutchinson bottle,glass bottle,embossed with Coca -Cola, gift boxed, bottle measures over 7" tall, gift boxed.


Bottling History

1894: Joseph A. Biedenham, who was a candy shop owner in Vicksburg, Mississippi, was very impressed with a new beverage called Coca-Cola. Using a common bottle called a Hutchinson, Biedenham started bottling and selling this new drink.


Coca-Cola commemorative root glass bottle, stands 9" high in gift box.

History of the Root Bottle.

It was Earl R. Dean, Root Glass Company's bottle designer, who designed the famous contour Coca-Cola bottle. In the mid-1930s, Chapman J. Root, the company's president, sold the Root Glass Company to Owens-Illinois Glass Company. Dean went on to work in other Midwestern glass factories.[citation needed]


Coca-Cola 3-Bottle Evolution Set
This collection of distinctive replica Coca-Cola bottles depicts the evolution of an icon. From the cork-capped Hutchinson bottle used in 1899 to the well-known contour bottle first introduced in 1916, these bottles show how the designs evolved. Historical details and introduction dates make this a true collector's item

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